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Products & Services

Products and Services

The Products and services offered by Mona Mona Readymix range from standard ready mixed concrete to highly specialized concretes, such as

  • Fibre-reinforced concrete:   Including both synthetic and steel fibres for industrial applications. A polypropylene micro fibre reinforced ready mix concrete.
  • Coloured concrete : Pigmented colour
  • Durability concrete: Or any other product designed specifically for our clients.
  • Concrete of chosen strength: Containing specially selected aggregates, in order to create a homogenous polished aggregate finish.



All products are designed by the company’s concrete technologists and in line with SABS 1200G specifications. All aggregate raw materials are sampled and tested in line with SANS 1083. All concrete testing is undertaken by qualified laboratories. The company offers a range of products from standard concretes to pumped concrete, durability concrete, fibre reinforced concrete, light weight concrete, and many other special concrete requirements